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upper/low blepharoplasty
upper/low blepharoplasty : Become vivid and resilience eyes by drooping eyes correction
- Operation time : About 1 hour
- Anesthesia : Local or Sleeping
- Hospitalization / Treatment : Not Required / 2 times in hospital
- Stitch removal : About 7 days after operation
- Initial recovery : 5~7 days after operation
  • Anti-aging
  • Upper/Lower blepharoplasty
  • Subbrow blepharoplasty
  • Stemcell plastic surgery
  • Reborn lifting
  • SMAS lift
  • ACCU lifting
  • Omega lifting
What is upper/low blepharoplasty?
What is upper/low blepharoplasty?
Due to the aging the eyelid skin get droopy because of lack of elasticity. To correct this problem is upper blepharoplasty and correction of protruding eye bags, dark circle and droopy skin is lower blepharoplasty. It’s easy to get back to daily routine because of fast recovery and the eyes seem larger and vivid without wrinkles.
Target for surgery
Target for surgery
- Those Who has droopy eyelid caused by droopy eye brows
- Those Who lifts eye brows when open the eyes
- Those Who has smaller eyes and double eyelids caused by droopy skin
- Those Who has protruding eye bags under the eyes
- Those Who wants to improve the skin resilience under the eyes
- Those who has wrinkles to lift up under the eyes
Operation Method
Operation Method
1. Upper Blepharoplasty : Excision of droopy skin
2. Lower Blepharoplasty
- Case of Droopy Skin Only : Excise droopy skin and orbicular muscle partially.
- Case of Both Droopy Skin and Protruding Eye Bags : Smoothen the protruding and dent area by fixing the eye bags to the periost of inferior orbital fissure by relocating and repositioning without removing.
- Case of Having Dark Circle by Protruding Eye Bags Only (Mostly 30s Women) : Fast recovery with no scar left because this operation method is through under eye conjunctiva.
Strong Point of Regen Upper/Lower Blepharoplasty
Strong Point of Regen Upper/Lower Blepharoplasty
Regen’s upper blepharoplasty is the method that excise the shaggy skin with making double eyelid. Each skilled specialists are conducting into an organized system to progress safe surgery. Lower eyelid surgery is important to accurately determine the status of the patient’s condition. Regen performs perfectly fitted lower blepharoplasty based on the skills, know-how and delicate design. Into an organized system of care linked skilled sector specialists are conducting a safer surgery. Lower eyelid surgery is especially important to accurately determine the status of the patient. Through a systematic review of the preoperative Based on the skills and know-how of regeneration and delicate design.
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