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Reeborn lifting
Reeborn lifting : A special thread which outstandingly adheres to skin impoves to a long lasting elastic V-line
- Operation time : 30 mins ~ 1 hour
- Anesthesia : Sleep
- Hospitalization : Not required
- Treatment : 1~1 treatment
- Stitch removal : 1 week after operation
- Initial recovery : 1~2 weeks after operation
  • Anti-aging
  • Upper/Lower blepharoplasty
  • Subbrow blepharoplasty
  • Stemcell plastic surgery
  • Reborn lifting
  • SMAS lift
  • ACCU lifting
  • Omega lifting
Reeborn lifting
Reeborn lifting
Unlike Ez lifting thread, it has mesh and bumps to pull the saggy skin and quickly adheres to improve skin tissue and long lasting effect. Reeborn lifting’s special thread effectively pulls sagging tissue that it doesn’t recur. Semi-permanent effect give higher satisfaction than other lifting procedure and it harmless to human body as it is approved by food & drug administration.
Target patients
Target patients
1. Severe nasolabial folds, wrinkles around mouth, sagging cheek and eye wrinkles
2. Wants v-line without bone surgery
3. For achieving small and elastic face
4. Refine facial line after two-jaw surgery, mandible, zygoma and facial contouring etc.
5. For a quick lifting effect after procedure
Operation method
Operation method
1. Fixation of the mesh above the ears on the head after 2cm incision
2. Insert a tube under the skin
3. Insert a specially developed reeborn thread through the tube
4. Hook the ribbon shaped mesh to the target part and take out the tube
5. Pull the thread to the temple with a flat mesh and tie
6. Remove a suture inside the head, a week after procedure
Special reason for Regen’s reeborn lifting
Special reason for Regen’s reeborn lifting
The minimal incision allows to recover in a short time and improve to V-line. Natural movement of face without inconveniences is possible and keep v-line permanently.
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