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SMAS Lift : Face volume UP, Face age DOWN, Removing sagging skin and elastic!
- Operation time : 2~3 hours
- Anesthesia : Local or Sleep
- Hospitalization : Not required
- Treatment : 3~4 treatment
- Stitch removal : 1~2 weeks after operation
- Initial recovery : 1~2 weeks after operation
  • Anti-aging
  • Upper/Lower blepharoplasty
  • Subbrow blepharoplasty
  • Stemcell plastic surgery
  • Reborn lifting
  • SMAS lift
  • ACCU lifting
  • Omega lifting
Remove SMAS tissue which lost its elasticity between panniculus and muscle and suture. It incises the wrinkle area on the part where the back of the ear and neck meets that incision area is unshown. It is a procedure which is natural and gives a perfect lifting result. It gives your age back, looking young and satisfying result. It has low danger of hematoma, dermolysis, facial nerve damage. It can have better effect with other combined procedures.
Target patients
Target patients
1. Sagging between middle and the low part of face
2. Wants revision surgery due to unsatisfying result from other lifting procedure
3. Wanting to remove substance inserted in the past
4. Changed jaw line due to sagging skin
5. Noticeable nasolabial fold due to sagging cheek
6. Sagging under the eye
Operation Method
Operation Method
1. Incision through hairline from back toe fro frontal ears
2. Remove SMAS tissue within the drawn area in picture 3
3. Separate sagging SMAS tissue, suture surgical area (Picture 3), Pull and suture.
4. It doesn’t show the scar as it incises unshown area, there are almost no swelling that the recovery is short.
Special reason for Regen’s SMAS Lift
Special reason for Regen’s SMAS Lift
It is an improved method compared to other antiaging operation. Removing sagging SMAS tissue and pulling will give permanent effect.
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