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Partial liposuction
  • Obesity body type
  • Partial liposuction
  • Body contouring
  • Calf reduction
  • Hip-up filler
  • Hip-up fat graft
  • Post treatment/Precautions
What is an Abdomen liposuction?
What is a Thigh liposuction?
What is an Arm liposuction?
What is a sleeveless line liposuction?
What is a back, bra line liposuction?
What is a calf liposuction?
Operation Method
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Partial liposuction : Making slim waist line, firm stomach and skinny legs
- Anesthesia : Sleep
- Hospitalization : Not required
- Stitch removal : 7 days after operation
- post-treatment : Less then 7 times
- Initial recovery : 1 day after operation

1. What is an Abdomen liposuction? (operation time: 1~2 hours)
Unlike other parts, abdomen liposuction’s fat connects from the front to the flank and to the back. Therefore, it is very important that the amount of fat is sucked equally and balanced. The depth of the fat is deep that a lot of fat could be sucked which gives a satisfying result but, as there aren’t much muscles, the elasticity of the skin can decrease. Compression garment with lifting treatment needs to be proceeded for making more smooth abdomen, waist line. Upper abdomen and lower abdomen fat is removed evenly, giving a slim waist line for women, a muscular firm line for men. Regen provides a 360º body contouring program.

2. What is a Thigh liposuction? (operation time: 2~2hours 30 minutes)
The fat of the thigh can be divided into followings parts; outer, back, knee and inner. It is important to remove fats from all parts to the maximum and giving a smooth line. Especially, when the fat in the thigh are removed thoroughly in each different fat layer, highly satisfying result is shown. Balanced liposuction is important as the waist and thigh is connected. Regen’s thigh liposuction makes a smooth straight line for the inner part and outer line from the hip line is given a nice curve that it makes the leg look long and hip lifting effect. Moreover, the essential point is that the elasticity is considered to give skin tightening effect, it will give a beautiful tightly curved lines.

3. What is an Arm liposuction? (operation time: 30 mins)
Arm’s skin is thin and the nerves and veins are close to the skin that it needs a careful attention during the operation. It is important that the fat is equally removed to give a natural curve. Removing enough inner fats of the arm allows to maintain the 11 shape line in any movement, it is also the part where it is easy to sag. Regen’s arm liposuction removes fats on the shoulder and sagging arm fats to give a beautiful shoulder and a slim arm line. Also, it prevents the sagging on the weak skin to give a smooth and firm arm.

4. What is a sleeveless line liposuction? (operation time: 30 mins ~ 1 hour)
It is removing the bulging parts when wearing sleeveless top, the part where the upper breast and armpit meets. Regen gives a natural connecting line through removing fats to prevent the breast and armpit line folding. You can expect a better result when it is done together with arm liposuction.

5. What is a back, bra line liposuction? (operation time: 30 mins ~ 1 hour)
It removes bulging fat on the bra or bikini line which gets thicker from aging, it gives you slimmer and firm side waist and back line. As the back is generally rubbed when sitting on a chair or sleeping, fat is usually fiberized that it needs an attention when proceeding back liposuction. Besides, a professional skill and Regen’s know-how is needed as the back doesn’t have a lot of fat. Generally, you can get a better effect when it is done with arm, flank liposuction.

6. What is a calf liposuction? (operation time: 30 mins ~ 1 hour)
Reduce the calf muscle through nerve block and remove fats through calf liposuction. Calf does not have a lot of fat but it can help to get a firm line by removing the fats grown with a muscle. Regen performs calf liposuction by 360° dimensional to remove fats equally and especially down to the ankle for making the slim line to the inner parts.

Operation Method
1. Thorough body composition diagnosis
2. Fast from the evening before the operation day
3. Fast from the day before of evening of the operation
4. Partially customized 360° liposuction
5. 1~3 hours of recovery at a ward after operation
6. Leave safely on the day of operation
7. Sanitization after 1~2 days and wear compression garment
8. Remove stitches approximately 7 days after the operation
9. Proceed 4 weeks of personalized post-treatment program
10.Body type becomes normal approximately after 3 months