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Calf plasty
  • Obesity body type
  • Partial liposuction
  • Body contouring
  • Calf reduction
  • Hip-up filler
  • Hip-up fat graft
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What is a 20s calf reduction?
Target patients
Operation Method
What is a double skinny?
Operation Method
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Calf plasty : A completion of beautiful lines with confidence!
- Operation time : 30 mins ~ 1 hour
- Anesthesia : Sleep or Local
- Initial recovery not required

1. What is a 20s calf reduction? (Operation time: 1 hour ǀ Anesthesia: Partial or sleep ǀ Hospitalization: Not required)
Regen’s calf reduction does not require any incision but, we block the gastrocnemius nerves of calves which retrogress muscles. The existing method of neurolysin causes synechia as the drug spreads widely, which leads to various problems, however, nerve block method uses thermal energy which can control the area of scope. It is more safe and can expect a good result. Moreover, it does not burn the muscle like a muscle catagenesis method, therefore, there are less pain and edema that you can go back to daily life. Procedures are evenly carried out for inner and outer gastrocnemius, the shape of the calves becomes slim and firm which looks very natural.

Target patients
(1) People with a lot of calf muscle
(2) People who want a beautiful legs but scared of surgery
(3) People who has a asymmetric calves
(4) When a diet doesn’t help the calves

Regen’s special calf reduction
(1) Simple non-invasive procedure : Age, body type is not a matter, anyone can make a beautiful legs with a non-invasive and safe method.
(2) Once : Maintain the effect semi-permanently with just a one simple procedure
(3) 1:1 personalized precise design : A precise analysis such as body type, age, fat, muscle condition is carried out before procedure so that it becomes a firm and smooth slim leg. The inner and outer calves becomes evenly slim.
(4) Selective calf reduction : Sagging phenomenon is reduced as the muscle can delicately be removed without harming tissues. There are no side-effect of muscle, other nerves or blood vessels as it only blocks the nerves. Daily life is possible as there are almost no bruise, pain nor swelling.
(5) Partial anesthesia : It is a simple procedure which proceeds by sleep or partial anesthesia.

2. What is a double skinny? (Operation time: 30 mins ~ 1 hour ǀ Anesthesia : not required ǀ Procedure cycles : 4 times, once a week)
Calf is the difficult part of the body to reduce in its size although you lose weight through diet. Calf is consisted of muscle and fat except the bone. There are people whose muscle or fat are developed either one or the other but most of them are developed together. Fat and muscle needs to be reduced at the same time for making a slime leg, double skinny procedure uses a laser for reducing the amount of fat and an injection for constricting the muscle. Therefore double skinny procedure reduces the size of the calves, giving you the firm and slim line and also the confidence that you had lost.

Target patients
(1) For those with a well developed calf muscle
(2) For those who wants a firm and slim calves
(3) For those who has had nerve block or calf reduction but recurred
(4) For those who has a severe asymmetric calves
Regen’s special double skinny
- It can reduce the muscle and fat of calves at the same time which gives a natural line
- Doesn’t cause any inconveniences in daily life as it is not a surgery
- Short operation and doesn’t need any anesthesia
- Almost no pain, scar, bleeding and swelling
- No side effect such as the heel not touching the ground or uneven surface.