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Teardrop  Breast Surgery
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  • Breast augmentation
  • Harvest Jet
  • Breast filler
  • Breast reduction
  • Mastopexy
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  • Breast augmentation
  • Harvest Jet
  • Breast reduction
  • Mastopexy
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360º Beauty only with Regen
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Regen is leading the right plastic surgery culture
Secure Surgery System in Regen
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Natural and Beautiful line Teardrop Breast Surgery : Special surgery which makes the most idealistic and beautiful breast line by considering each person’s body type and ratio.

- Breast augmentation : A full and satisfying breast augmentation surgery by choosing personalized implant which suits one’s individual conditions.
- Harvest Jet : Natural looking and no scaring breast augmentation surgery because of no implant use.
- Breast reduction : Breast reduction surgery which reduces a big size to a suitable size on your body type.
- Mastopexy : Surgery which fixes droopy and inelastic breast.
- Before & After : Check the multi angle before and after photos of breast surgery!
- Real Story : Meet up her/his frank reviews of after surgery!
- Unleash the inner beauty LetMein5 Brand Story

360º Beauty only with Regen
The secret of sexy and glamorous body shape at any angles! 360º Breast surgery
1. Natural looking breast surgery : Natural shape and texture as if it’s original breast
2. Improving confidence : Women’s charm up with voluptuous volume and restoring self-confidence
3. 0% of capsular contracture : Provide systematic after surgery systems to prevent Capsular contracture

Regen’s tear drop shape breast surgery. Regen plastic surgery considers each person’s bodyshape and line. We promise the volume and healthy beauty. Raise the value of a volume that can not be hidden!. Different grade of beautiful transformations take place.
- Express attraction by volume with a smooth line
- Always be proud, the differences of detail
- Be Sexy, drastic, proud and smooth
- Show off elegant figure with a soft curve
- Perfect voluptuous glamour with confidence and proud
- Appeal charm purely and cleanly

Regen is leading the right culture of plastic surgery
1. Designated doctor will consult and operate : Designated doctor will take care of you through out the process from consultation to follow up
2. Cooperate system with anesthetist : Cooperate system with anesthetist to have a safe surgery
3. Medical check-up for safety : We provide a safe environment for surgery through a thorough medical check-up.

Secure Surgery System in Regen
1. Arrangement of 1:1 Designated Doctor for Each Patient : For each patient from consultation to surgery, the designated doctor will be arranged and be responsible for all surgery process by 1 to 1.
2. 365 days Residing Anesthetist : By performing designated anesthesia during the surgery, anesthetist checks the body condition in real time and responsible for patient safety untill recovery
3. Emergency Handling System : Handling the emergency situation systematically with monitoring device, heart cardioverter defibrillator, emergency card system, oxygen providing system, emergency cricotomy & thyrotomy device and etc.
4. safety system same as a university hospital : Our facility is equipped with its own UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) generators in case of a sudden blackout, providing stable power supply during procedures thus providing a patient-centered medical service.
5. 360º safety check up : We provide a safe environment for each patient's surgery by considering all the possibilities involved in the surgery through a thorough full body check up which consists of over 20 tests.
6. Sterilization system for the safe surgery : We have introduced an aseptic surgery room which can prevent 99.9% of germs from getting in by using an advanced UV rays sterilization system. This is especially effective for disinfecting operation shoes and medical gowns with the use of the asepsis air shower equipment.