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Post treatment / Precautions
Post treatment / Precautions
1:1 customized program for quick recovery after breast surgery.
  • Mammoplasty
  • Breast augmentation
  • Harvest Jet
  • Breast filler
  • Breast reduction
  • Mastopexy
  • Nipple and areola
  • Accessory breast
  • Breast revision surgery
  • Post-treatment/Precautions
Personalized management process

Before Surgery : - Choose customized implant considering breast shape, - Operation planning through pre-experience of breast augmentation, - Proceed a safe surgery after a thorough medical check up, - Personalized operation through 1:1 consultation.
Operation day : - Operation proceeds by breast specialists, - Proceed surgery using Painless injection, intercostal anesthesia and cutting edge Full HD standard endoscope, - Residing anesthetist in charge for anesthesia, - University hospital standard sterilization system for minimizing inflammation, - Safety equipment and emergency system ready for countermeasure of emergency
Follow-up and treatment : - Regular check-up for minimizing problem, - Continuous after care service from the doctor, - Wear a special bra made with Regen’s Know-how
Scar and swelling treatment : -Ointment prescription for improving scars 2 weeks after surgery, - Ease with scar injection if a keloid cicatrix occur, - Boost Lymph circulation, ease edema and inflammation, enhance elasticity through high frequency treatment (4 times), - Quick recovery, prevent capsular contracture, minimize pain through heal laser treatment, - Induce skin regeneration and help wound recovery through scar removal laser treatment from 6 months ~ 1 year after surgery.

Regen’s personalized treatment system

- Breast Ultrasonic wave : Pre-operation planning to precisely predict surgery result through high-resolution ultrasonic wave equipment
- High-frequency treatment : Regenerate collagen through high-frequency on a dermis, helping skin elasticity.
- Heal laser treatment : It helps relieve pain and inflammation as well as recovery of damaged tissue.

Strengths of Regen’s management program

- 1:1 Care from designated doctor : 1:1 management from the designated doctor from before to after surgery
- Natural breast surgery : Highly satisfied after surgery for carrying out customized to individuals
- Breast surgery special management team : Continuous post-treatment service through personal customized program
- Safe care treatment : Regular systematical care program after surgery


1. If you are under any medications such as (aspirin, antidiabetic, painkiller and etc.) or have illness such as (Allergy, asthma, anemia, etc.) please notify us during consultation.
2. Prepare a comfortable clothes (loose shirt, hoody) to avoid irritating surgery area.
3. Remove all manicure on hand and feet as well as any metal accessories.
4. Can eat 8 hours after surgery but it is recommended to take soft food or porridge
5. Do not apply body lotion on the surgery area or waxing the armpit


1. In the case of using smooth implant, a massage method trained from the hospital should be carried out to prevent capsular contracture.
2. For fat transplant, daily life is possible 2~3 days after the surgery and shower is possible on the third day with water proof band.
3. Accessory breast surgery does not require stitch removal but, any excision during surgery needs to remove stitches 7 days after.
4. Lay down with upper body higher for 1 week after surgery. Laying down side ways is possible after 2 weeks and facing down 1~3 months after
5. Prescription includes painkiller, if you have a severe pain, take other painkiller with some time between.
6. Simple movement arm is possible but avoid immoderate movement. Raising arm above head is possible 1 month after.

After the operation, bleeding, infection, inflammation, and so on can occur due to the negligent after care. Please read the instruction carefully.
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