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Harvest-Jet - The most natural and scar free breast augmentation without using implants
Operation time : 2 hours
Anesthesia : Sleep
Hospitalization : Not required
Stitch removal : 7 days after operation
Initial recovery : 1~2 days after operation
  • Mammoplasty
  • Breast augmentation
  • Harvest Jet
  • Breast filler
  • Breast reduction
  • Mastopexy
  • Nipple and areola
  • Accessory breast
  • Breast revision surgery
  • Post-treatment/Precautions
What is Harvest-Jet?

What is Harvest-Jet?
Harvest-Jet breast surgery is collecting the fats from where they are concentrated such as the abdomen or thigh area and then harvest to breast area after purified the fat cells using by Water-jet. Because harvest-jet surgery uses your own fat, it gives high engraftment rate, the most natural look, safety and almost no side effects. Patients who worry about small breast as well as thick thighs, we can progress both harvest-jet and liposuction surgery by suctioning more fats on thighs. So we can complete the voluminous breast and beautiful leg line at the same time.
Though a breast and a body specialist's accurate diagnosis and analysis, it's capable to complete the high engraftment natural touch and shape. REGEN plastic surgery ensures the satisfactory result by 1:1 alignment system from pre-surgery to post-surgery

Operation method
Operation method
- Liposuction : Before harvesting the fats to the breast, extract the fats from thighs or/and abdomen area by using micro cannula of the Harvest-Jet device.
- Extraction of Pure Fats : After extract fats by Harvest-Jet device, remove body wastes by Lipo Collector to get the pure fats only.
- Breast Fat Grafting : Harvest the pure fats to the breast little by little to make exquisite shape and high engraftment.
Harvest-Jet VS Fat Grafting
Harvest-Jet VS Fat Grafting

Harvest-Jet Breast Surgery
- Engraftment : High Engraftment
- Lipo process : Prevent damage of the fat cells extracting by lower pressure like the way of water jet
- Operation hours : Within 2 hrs
- Side effect : Almost none

Fat Grafting Breast Surgery
- Engraftment : Average Engraftment
- Lipo process : Damage of fat cells extracting by high pressure
- Operation hours : Within 4 hrs
- Side effect : Possibility of occurring oil, cyst or calcification

Strengths of REGEN's Mammoplasty
Strengths of REGEN's Mammoplasty
- 1:1 Appointed doctor management : 1:1 appointed doctor management from before to the after surgery
- Natural Breast Surgery : Reached th high satisfaction after surgery which is tailored to each individual's proportion
- Scar Worry-Free by Minimal Incision : Progression of surgery through minimally incision. Perform customized management of scar correction.
- Filltering by Lipo Collector : Minimization of air contact after liposuction by automatic waste removal
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