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Breast reduction
Breast reduction - Breast reduction reduces the size to suit your body.
Operation time : 30 mins
Anesthesia : General
Hospitalization : 1 day or not required
Stitch removal : 10~14 days after operation
Initial recovery : 2~3 days after operation
  • Mammoplasty
  • Breast augmentation
  • Harvest Jet
  • Breast filler
  • Breast reduction
  • Mastopexy
  • Nipple and areola
  • Accessory breast
  • Breast revision surgery
  • Post-treatment/Precautions
What is Reduction Mammoplasty?
What is Reduction Mammoplasty?
Reduction Mammoplasty creates from excessively big breast to the most beautiful breast consider by individual body proportions. through accurate diagnosis and analysis, breast specialist selects the surgery methods, anesthesia, breast size. REGEN plastic surgery ensures the satisfactory results by 1:1 alignment system from pre-surgery to post-surgery
Operation Method
Operation Method
- Vertical Incision(After incision of the areola, incise vertically about 4 ~ 5cm lower section) : The most widely used method by complementing the advantages and disadvantages of areola incision and Anchor-shape incision. Vertical incision is 4~5cm incision vertically around and the below of the areola and remove the fat and glandular tissue and skin. This method can remove desired amount of breast tissue, yet avoid scarring under the breast.
- Anchor-Shape Incision(Vertical incision and below breast line Incision) : This incision is from around the areola to below the breast line then remove the glandular tissue and fat, the skin. It is effective to excessively large and heavily shaggy breast.
- Areola Incision(Incision around the areola about 4cm) : Incise around the areola then remove glandular tissue and fat, the skin. (like just removing the contents from the pouch then tightened the entrance). This method is only scaring the areola area only and can keep the natural form and function of the breast.
Hospital with High Satisfaction
만Hospital with High Satisfaction
- Improvement of Aesthetical Part : High satisfaction reached by creating of esthetically beautiful and naturally voluminous breasts considered by each individual’s body shape and the proportion.
- Improvement of Functional Part : Functional parts will be eased such as athletic degradation, spinal deformity, shoulder and back pain and skin disorders occurred by the large breasts.
Strengths of REGEN's Mammoplasty
Strengths of REGEN's Mammoplasty
- 1:1 Appointed doctor management : 1:1 appointed doctor management from before to the after surgery
- Natural Breast Surgery : Reached th high satisfaction after surgery which is tailored to each individual's proportion
- Scar Worry-Free by Minimal Incision : Progression of surgery through minimally incision. Perform customized management of scar correction.
- Postoperative management : Swelling care by a high frequency and a healing laser
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