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Mastopexy - A surgery for correcting droopy and inelastic breast
Operation time : 30 mins
Anesthesia : General
Hospitalization : 1 day or not required
Stitch removal : 10~14 days after operation
Initial recovery : 2~3 days after operation
  • Mammoplasty
  • Breast augmentation
  • Harvest Jet
  • Breast filler
  • Breast reduction
  • Mastopexy
  • Nipple and areola
  • Accessory breast
  • Breast revision surgery
  • Post-treatment/Precautions
What is Mastopexy?
What is Mastopexy?
It is the surgery which lift the shaggy and inelastic breast to a nomal position. Through accurate diagnosis and analysis, breast specialist selects the surgery methods, anesthesia, breast size. REGEN plastic surgery ensures the satisfactory results by 1:1 alignment system from pre-surgery to post-surgery.
Operation Method
Operation Method
Because the nipples are located out down below the central or the rapid expansion and contraction are occurred by repetition of pregnancy and breast-feeding, the breasts can’t hold the weight then drop down. This case requires the breast lift surgery to fix the droopy breasts to a normal position.
1. Breasts Augmentation : If the breasts are small and don’t droop much, both breast lift and breast augmentation surgery are capable at the same time to get correction and volume.
2. Fixation of Breasts Position : If the breasts droop much, lift up the breast tissue and fix to upper position by areola incision. Capable to make breasts look young and resilient with preserving the sensory nerves of the nipple and if necessary, possible to enlarge or reduce the size of breasts.
Strength of REGEN's Mammoplasty
Strength of REGEN's Mammoplasty
- 1:1 Appointed doctor management : 1:1 appointed doctor management from before to the after surgery
- Natural Breast Surgery : Reached th high satisfaction after surgery which is tailored to each individual's proportion
- Scar Worry-Free by Minimal Incision : Progression of surgery through minimally incision. Perform customized management of scar correction.
- Postoperative management : Swelling care by a high frequency and a healing laser
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