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Nipple and areola
Nipple and areola - Making unnatural nipple and areola to its normal shape
Operation time : Less than an hour in accordance with surgery method
Anesthesia : Sleep
Hospitalization : Leave on the day of surgery
Post treatment : 7-10 days after surgery
Initial recovery : daily life possible straight away
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  • Nipple and areola
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  • Breast revision surgery
  • Post-treatment/Precautions
What is a nipple and areola surgery?
What is a nipple and areola surgery?
Nipple and areola surgery corrects oversized or inverted nipples, considering functional . aesthetic points. Surgery and anesthesia method is chosen after breast specialists’ precise diagnosis and analysis. Regen plastic surgery promises satisfying results through 1:1 customized system from before to after surgery.
Operation method
Operation method
- Inverted nipple : Inverted nipple cannot be corrected if the breast tissue is not relaxed. Shape is important and also mother’s milk can be stagnated.
1. Lactiferous sinuses preservation method : Incising the side of a nipple and pulling out the nipple method can relax the strong tissue which holds the nipple, giving you a normal nipple shape and can breast feed even after surgery.
2. Lactiferous sinuses non-preservation method : In the case of a severe inverted nipple, using tissues around the nipple will hold it after incising the strong tissue that is holding the nipple back. Breast feeding is not possible but can assure to preserve the normal nipple shape.

- Nipple reduction : It is for those who has a big nipple after pregnancy, giving birth, breast feeding. It is mostly done for aesthetic purpose.
1. Lactiferous sinuses preservation method : When the width of a nipple is wide, upper part is cut and reduced. If the length of a nipple is long, it is cut as much as the patient want and sutured to areola. Breast feeding is possible even after surgery.
2. Lactiferous sinuses non-preservation method : When the length is excessively long, the nipple is cut into V shape and sutured. Lactiferous sinuses is then blocked which unables to breast feed.
Strengths of Regen breast surgery
Strengths of Regen breast surgery
- 1:1 Care from designated doctor : 1:1 management from the designated doctor from before to after surgery
- Natural breast surgery : Highly satisfied after surgery for carrying out customized to individuals
- Minimized incision for no worry of a scar : Surgery proceeded by minimizing an incision with scar management
- Management after surgery : Swelling program through High-frequency/healing lazer
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