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Breast filler
Breast filler - Breast filler presents you the most natural volume and soft feeling without an implant.
Operation time : 30 mins - 2 hours in accordance with surgery method
Anesthesia : Local / Sleep
Hospitalization : Not required
Post treatment : 2-3 times
Initial recovery : daily life possible straight away
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  • Breast filler
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  • Mastopexy
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What is a Breast filler?
What is a Breast filler?
Breast filler uses a filler for augmentation, it is quickly done and simple that many people get it for its quick result. Hyaluronic acid which is the most close ingredient to human body is injected which is safe as it does not cause inflammation and gradually absorbed into the body, giving you the long lasting result. It gives you a natural volume without an incision and it smoothly gets into shape so that it completes to a real natural breast feeling. A real natural feeling and shape is completed through a precise diagnosis and analysis proceed by breast specialists. Regen plastic surgery promises satisfying results through 1:1 customized system from before to after surgery.
Treatment method
Treatment method
- Consultation before operation : Operation planning is made through a consultation with specialist, considering breast size, shape and each individual body type.
- Proceed Anesthesia : A safe anesthesia is proceeded under the control of anesthetist with choosing the most appropriate method.
- Inject breast filler : Safety approved Hyaluronic acid is injected and make it into the natural and smooth breast shape.
Breast filler vs Implant breast augmentation
Breast filler vs Implant breast augmentation

Breast filler
- Ingredient : Hyaluronic acid filler
- Method : Inject appropriate amount of filler to breast
- Time : Approximately 30 ~ 60 mins
- Anesthesia : Local or Sleep
- Strengths : No incision required for breast augmentation, Natural size and feeling like its real, Able to delicately correct the unbalanced breast, Able to inject more filler if the size is unsatisfying, Unable to tell that you had operation and long lasting result.
- Weakness : Cannot inject a lot of fillers at once due to limitation with filler amount, Inappropriate method if you want a big size of breast

Implant breast augmentation
- Ingredient : Cohesive gel
- Method : Insert an implant after an incision and desquamation
- Time : Approximately 1 ~ 2 hours
- Anesthesia : General
- Strengths : Can get dramatic volume, Soft feeling and natural, Able to choose various implant to fit each individual, Able to change to other implant if the result is unsatisfying
- Weakness : Longer recovery than filler, Pain and swelling depending on the condition of patient

Target patient
Target patient
- Reluctant to inserting implant
- For those who wants natural shape and feeling than size
- Asymmetry breast
- For those who cannot do fat graft due to being too thin
- For those who needs to return to daily as soon as possible
Strengths of Regen’s breast filler
Strengths of Regen’s breast filler
- 1:1 Care from designated doctor : 1:1 management from the designated doctor from before to after surgery
- Natural breast from Hyaluronic acid filler : Unharmful ingredient to human body with the most natural result
- Breast augmentation without incision nor scar : Proceeded by injection method, no incision and scar
- Quick operation, Quick recovery : Those without much time can able to get the operation
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