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Revision breast surgery
Revision breast surgery - Revision surgery for completing to a natural breast through improving unsatisfying parts.
Operation time : Less than 3 hours in accordance with surgery method
Anesthesia : General
Hospitalization : Leave on the day or 1 day
Post treatment : 10-14 days after surgery
Initial recovery : 3-4 days after surgery
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  • Breast augmentation
  • Harvest Jet
  • Breast filler
  • Breast reduction
  • Mastopexy
  • Nipple and areola
  • Accessory breast
  • Breast revision surgery
  • Post-treatment/Precautions
What is a revision breast surgery?
What is a revision breast surgery?
It is a revision surgery for improving unsatisfying result or inconveniences caused from side effects. It is more difficult and complicated than the first surgery, so it needs to be safely proceeded by experienced specialists after enough consultation. Regen plastic surgery promises satisfying results through 1:1 customized system from before to after surgery. Regen plastic surgery presents a natural breast shape through precise diagnosis with university standard equipment along with analysis from breast specialists.
Operation method
Operation method
It is best to proceed revision surgery after 6 months when the tissues around surgical area gets soft. It needs to be carefully carried out as it damages tissues than the first surgery and a danger of 2nd, 3rd revision surgery. It is right to get it by experienced specialist.
- When the size of breast is unsatisfying and the upper part looks protruded : Change the location of the current implant or replace to new implant. It is important to choose breast shape and its height which will decrease the possibilities of revision surgery.
- Reduced in volume due to damage to implant or replacement of implant due to damage to implant : Remove the damaged implant or insert new implant. Implant nowadays are barely damaged and although it is damaged it is kept in the shape and not absorbed into the body.
- In the case of hematoma inflammation due to bleeding or having pain or transformation of shape and hardening : It can cause the implant to become hard by neglecting treatment. Changing the location of inserted implant or replace to a new implant is required.
-When the implant is transformed its shape or moved or Not desquamated properly causing asymmetry : Apprehending the reason for surgery and choose the best suitable surgery method and proceed revision surgery.
Hospital with less capsular contracture
Hospital with less capsular contracture
- Breast Specialized Surgery Center : Breast surgery unit is equipped separately to conduct the surgery in a clean environment.
- University hospital standard sterilization system : Air shower, sterile operating room, sterilization system are equipped to maintain 365days 99.9% complete sterilization.
- Full HD Level Endoscope : Using a head lamp and FULL HD Endoscope to proceed the surgery with the appropriate scope and size.
- Wear a Hemovac after surgery : Wearing a Hemovac for safety purpose and prevent unexpected bleeding.
Strengths of Regen breast surgery
Strengths of Regen breast surgery
- 1:1 Care from designated doctor : 1:1 management from the designated doctor from before to after surgery
- Natural breast surgery : Highly satisfied after surgery for carrying out customized to individuals
- Capsular Contracture Prevention : Preoperative and postoperative system for preventing capsular contracture
- Minimized incision for no worry of a scar : Surgery proceeded by minimizing an incision with scar management
Features of Regen breast surgery
Features of Regen breast surgery
Regen considers patient’s health first, we try our best for you to become pretty as safely as possible.
1. Almost no pain, painless revision surgery system : With the basis of patient’s body type, constitution, medical history and condition on the surgery day, anesthetist choose the appropriate anesthesia and also proceed intercostal anesthesia to minimize the pain during the surgery
2. Improve breast shape : Improving the problems of revision surgery and get a beautiful shape back. Dimensional analysis using ultrasonic wave & endoscope of breast structure can precisely diagnose the cause and proceed revision surgery by experienced specialist.
3. 1:1 customized surgery and residing anesthetist : Regen proceeds safe and painless surgery thinking from patient’s view.
(1) Choose the customized anesthetic method through consultation
(2) 1:1 designated anesthesia and residing anesthetist
(3) Proceed combined anesthesia to minimize the pain
(4) Use university hospital standard anesthetic equipment
(5) Optical fiber cable insert system
(6) Carbon dioxide measurement system to check anesthesia
(7) Pressure sensor anesthesia to check the pressure on organs during surgery
4. Precise analysis of Hardening phenomenon through ultrasonic wave : Thoroughly planning before surgery through analyzing the cause through ultrasonic wave. Regen’s breast surgery is equipped with special machine to diagnose not only checking with eyes but also the location of implants.
5. Precisely removed implant through endoscope and surgery : Remove implant safely through endoscope. Inside the breast is checked with a headlamp and endoscope and lower breast is checked through a monitor. It prevents the remaining of implants and places where the implant will be to reduce asymmetry.
6. Decide the most suitable implant size using a Sizer : There are individual differences in shape of breast. It can help to overcome the problem of deciding the implant just by measuring the breast by having similar size & shape of implant as sizers.
7. Innovative and unique premium implant, Motiva : Regen plastic surgery is an officially designated hospital by Motiva. Motiva Ergonomix is an implant which combined the strengths of Round implant and teardrop implant. It used an ergonomix technology to present result that is very similar to a real breast tissue, prevents rippling phenomenon and minimizes capsular contracture.
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