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Double-eyelid surgery
Double-eyelid surgery - Surgery for those who want clear and beautiful eyes
- Operation time : 30 mins- 2 hours
- Anesthesia : Local or sleep
- Hospitalization : Not required
- Stitch removal : 7-10 days after operation
- Initial recovery : 1 week after operation
  • Eye surgery
  • Double eyelid
  • Canthoplasty
  • Levator surgery
  • Transconjunctival fat reposition
  • Revision eye surgery
  • Post treatment/Precaution
What is a double-eyelid surgery?
What is a double-eyelid surgery? It is a surgery for making small and dull looking eyes to vivid and beautiful eyes considering each individual’s facial ratio. With the wide experience of eye specialists and precise diagnosis, surgery method is chosen considering every patient’s feature. Regen plastic surgery present the most satisfying result through 1:1 personalized system from before to after surgery.
Operation method
Operation method
Incision : Skin is cut where the double-eyelid line is wanted. It is a suitable method for those who’s eyelid skin is sagged, cut of a muscle or skin or fat, blepharoplasty. It can make a clearer eyes than a non-incision method and takes approximately 1hour for the surgery with a local anesthesia.
Non-Incision : The operation is carried out only through 2~4 small holes with out any incision. No scars are left as incision is not required, not need for stitch removal and swelling subsides faster compare to incision method. With the thick skin and muscle, double-eyelid are sometimes loosed.
Partial-Incision : It is a combination method of incision and non-incision which only cuts 2~3mm and removing fats at the same time making a double eyelid. It has a low possibilities of double eyelid becoming loose and no need for worry about any scars as it only cuts a little.
Target patients
Target patients
1. No double-eyelid, Sleepy looking eyes, Different size eyes
2. Short length and small eyes, Multiple eyelids
3. Entropion of eyelid
4. Slanted eyes, Drooping eyes, Over sized double-eyelid
Features of Regen’s eye surgery
Features of Regen’s eye surgery
It is not about doing eye surgery, It is about finding the most suitable eyes.
For more professional treatment, Regen eye surgery presents a solution for making a beautiful eyes through Plastic surgery specialists, exclusive eye surgery operation team and treatment team.

Personalized eye surgery
For making the most natural and suitable eyes for individuals, appropriate fat removal and reposition, condition of the skin needs to be considered and proceeded. It is important to find out the best operation method which can give the satisfying result through a precise diagnosis. A length of the eye through Epi or Lateral canthoplasty, Levator surgery can make a vivid and clear looking eyes.

Eyes decides 90% of first impression
Through the know-how and knowledge from our plastic surgery specialists, an eye surgery that only leaves wrinkles is avoided. Eye is the essential part which decides 90% of first impression which means that a careful decision is necessary.

Naturally big and dramatic
The leading operation method with naturalness gives 360’ change in a short time. Regen’s eye surgery minimizes swelling and reduces recovery time through a tiny incision and desquamation.

Strengths of Regen’s eye surgery
Strengths of Regen’s eye surgery
- 1:1 Appointed doctor management : 1:1 appointed doctor management from before to the after surgery
- Natural eyes : Satisfying result through natural line
- 1:1 personalized design considering facial ratio : Personalized design considering face
- Quick recovery : Quick recovery with almost no bruise or swelling
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