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Canthoplasty - Surgery for those who are not satisfied with their length of the eyes and want bigger and clear looking eyes
- Operation time : 30 mins
- Anesthesia : Short sleep
- Hospitalization : Not required
- Stitch removal : 7-10 days after operation
- Initial recovery : 3-4 days after operation
  • Eye surgery
  • Double eyelid
  • Canthoplasty
  • Levator surgery
  • Transconjunctival fat reposition
  • Revision eye surgery
  • Post treatment/Precaution
What is a canthoplasty?
What is a canthoplasty?
It is a surgery changing small and short eyes into a vivid and lively looking eyes. With the wide experience of eye specialists and precise diagnosis, surgery method is chosen considering every patient’s feature. Regen plastic surgery present the most satisfying result through 1:1 personalized system from before to after surgery.
Operation method
Operation method
- Epi-canthoplasty : It is a surgery for improving epicanthic fold which makes the eyes wide apart that it looks stuffy.
Most asians have droopy skin in the inner corner of the eye called epicanthic fold. It makes the eyes wide apart from each other that it looks stuffy, this can be improved by epi-canthoplasty.It is ideal when the red skin in the inner corner are shown approximately 50~80%. If it shows less then 50%, it looks stuffy or squinted in a severe cases. The eye is lengthened horizontally that it gives a charming look. It shows better result when it is done together with double-eyelid surgery.
- Lateral canthoplasty : Skin and conjunctiva is desquamated and repositioned
Lateral canthoplasty is considered when the length of the eyes are short, so the outer corner is extended. It is an extra operation method when the eyes are short or epi-canthoplasty is not enough as the trend of enlarging the size of eyes is becoming stronger. 3~4 mm is lengthened after the operation that it becomes a well-defined eyes, it also lowers the tip of the eyes slightly which gives a “half-moon shape eyes”. Almost no scars are left and recovery is quick. After cutting the outer corner of the eye, skin and conjunctiva is desquamated which then it is extended horizontally giving a well-defined eye shape. A better result can be expected when it is done with vertical-lengthening of palpebral fissure.
- Vertical Lengthening of palpebral fissure : For eyes where the outer corner looks short and the tip of the eyes are lifted upwards.
For the fierce eyes, tip of the eyes are cut to extend and lower the angle of the eyes tip. It enlarges the size to look charming and well-defined.
Target patients
Target patients
1. The distance between the eyes are too wide apart.
2. Stuffy looking eyes
3. Fierce looking eyes because of the tip of the eyes are pointed upwards
Strengths of Regen’s eye surgery
Strengths of Regen’s eye surgery
- 1:1 Appointed doctor management : 1:1 appointed doctor management from before to the after surgery
- Natural eyes : Satisfying result through natural line
- Minimal incision : Incision is minimized to reduce concerns of scars
- 1:1 personalized design considering facial ratio : Personalized design considering face
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