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V-line surgery
V-line surgery - The surgery which makes defined and sliming facial contour
- Operation time : 1-2 hours
- Anesthesia : General
- Hospitalization : 1 day
- Stitch removal : 2 weeks after operation
- Initial recovery : 1 week after operation
  • Facial Contouring
  • V-line surgery
  • Zygoma Surgery
  • Short chin Surgery
  • Forehead reduction
  • Facial Implant Surgery
  • Facial lifting
  • Facial contouring revision
  • Post-treatment
What is a V-line surgery?

What is a V-line surgery?
V-line surgery creates a more defined and sliming facial contour by refining angular chin and shortening the front chin keeping the overall ratio of face in mind. Facial Contouring professional doctors choose the operating and anesthesia method through detailed diagnostics and analysis. Regen promises a satisfying result through 1:1 personalized system from the start to the end of the surgery.

Operation Method
Operation Method

V-line : Excise thick bone as a piece from under the ear to front chin
The surgery which excises cortical bone and mandibular angle which are large and thick jawbone as a piece at a time. Recovery speed of Regen’s one piece V-line surgery is faster than normal V-line surgery and we excise the bone as a piece at a time so that from the front your face will get a smaller, sharp and sophisticated V-line looking.

Mandible : Excise cortical bone and mandibular angle which are large and thick jawbone
The surgery which shortens the thick and large area of side jawbone and refines mandibular angle according to the length. It will not damage the muscles but will reduce the thickness of jawbone so that square shape face will be a slim and sharp look V-line.

Mini V-line : Excise the chin tip which is visible from the front as a T or V shape.
The surgery which shortens the wide chin tip visible from the front. Excise the blunt front chin as a T or V shape and then gather in the middle to make slim and natural V-line considering the ratio of the entire face.

Targets for surgery
Targets for surgery
1. Who has a big and angular face
2. Who has a wide looking chin because of the thick bone
3. Who has a long chin or asymmetric face
4. Who has a square shape face because of the big and angular lower jawbone
One piece V-line only in Regen
One piece V-line only in Regen

ONE piece : The surgery which removes a large chunk of the jawbone from under the ear to the front of the chin as one piece. This is a highly techniqueal advanced surgery as it requires separating the bone from under the ear angle to cortex as a single piece without breaking.
ONE time : Compare to the older method, it reduces the operation time and leads to lesser swelling and a faster recovery. It is safe from the excessive bleeding and dangerous factors caused by long operation time.
ONE surgery : You can get a smooth jaw line with a noticeable frontal effect from the satisfactory results by the operation considering safety and beauty at the same time.

One piece V-line
Method : Excise cortical bone and mandibular angle which are large and thick jawbone as a piece at a time.
Bleeding : Almost no bleeding due to less tissue damaging
Swelling : Less damaging tissue, bleeding and swelling due to shortening operation time
Recovery speed : Fast recovery
Normal V-line
Method : Excise mainly mandibular angle and moderately cortical bone. Due to broad desquamation, it damages muscles and fats
Bleeding : High risks of excessive bleeding due to a lot of muscle and fat damage
Swelling : Relatively slow recovery due to tissue damage
Recovery speed : Slow recovery

Special features for One-piece V-line Surgery
Special features for One-piece V-line Surgery
Outstanding frontal effect, compare to old surgery method for the square jaw. We excise side angular jaw as well as wide chin tip at the same time by one-piece V-line surgery so you can get a outstanding frontal effect which makes your face look smaller and slimmer.
High customer satisfaction rating hospital
High customer satisfaction rating hospital
V-line effect : You can get a aesthetic satisfaction as well as V-line effect through a thorough surgery plan.
Face volume : The surgery creates a 3D effect of the face bone, you can get a baby face effect with volume on the face.
Minimize operation hour : Less bleeding, swelling and quick recovery through preliminary plan to minimize the operation hour.
One-time operation hospital : We are performing facial contouring surgery which is in the cooperate system with plastic surgery and orthodontics department for analyzing exact cause to prevent from reoperation.
Strong point of Regen facial contouring
Strengths of Regen facial contouring
1:1 special care from designated doctor : 1:1 special care from the start to the end of surgery by designated doctor
Curvy and harmonious face : Completion of beautiful face at any angle
Special team for facial contouring : Continuous personalized after care service
Reassuring care : Systematic care program through a regular check up after surgery
Regen’s technique
Regen’s technique
Specialized operation room for facial contouring : We have a operation room fully equipped same as a university hospital and have introduced an aseptic surgery room specially for facial contouring which can prevent 99.9% of germs 365days.
Conference for facial contouring and double jaw surgery : Every week, We have a meeting with plastic surgery, oral and orthodontic specialists to discuss and diagnosis about patients’ before and after surgery for more safe and satisfactory result.
3 Dimensional 3DCT(X-ray) accurate measuring
3 Dimensional 3DCT(X-ray) accurate measuring
The choice for patient’s safe surgery! Reduce the error down 0.01mm through an accurate measuring. Through 3 dimensional 3DCT(X-ray) scanning, bone thickness and area, location of nerves and blood vessels are precisely measured to grasp patient’s current condition and problem. Surgery result can be predicted through pre-mock operation based on the data. You can get a satisfying result by minimizing the error range during a surgery.
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