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What is a facial contour lifting?
Operation method
Target patient
Features of Facial contour lifting
High customer satisfaction rating hospital
Features of Regen’s facial contouring
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Facial contour lifting : A procedure for lifting saggy cheek caused after facial contouring
- Operation time : 2-3 hours
- Anesthesia : Sleep
- Hospitalization : Not required
- Stitch removal : Not required
- Initial recovery : 1-2 days after operation

What is a facial contour lifting?
Facial contour lifting gives elasticity and a v-line to saggy cheek caused after facial contouring. Facial contouring specialists carries out a precise diagnosis and analysis, then choose surgical & anesthesia method. Regen promises satisfying result through 1:1 personalized system from the beginning to after surgery.

Operation method
Accusculpt laser allows to dissolve facial fat tissue and a cannula is injected to suck them out. Removing tiny fats which affects the facial definition completes a slim v-line and improves wrinkles. It also induces collagen which gives a tightening effect for gaining young and beautiful facial line.
- Pre-design the surgical area.
- Inject tumescent liquid and wait for 10 mins.
- Liquate fats using Accusculpt lazer.
- Remove melted fats using cannula.
- Sanitize and cold pack the surgical area.

Target patient
1. Having saggy cheek after facial contouring
2. Saggy double chin
3. For those who wants to improve saggy cheek after facial contouring
4. For those who is not satisfied with the result of facial contouring due to having excessive fats
Features of Facial contour lifting
1. Lifting effect : Maximize v-line through collagen re-modelling effect and skin tightening effect.
2. Procedure with no incision : It only leaves needle marks that no need to worry about a scar.
3. Quick recovery, Immediate effect : General anesthesia not required. Almost no bruise or swelling and quick recovery shows an immediate effect with the professional skill from specialist.
4. Safe procedure : It doesn’t damage other nerves causing virtually no side effect, it is safe as it is approved by the FDA and CE.

High customer satisfaction rating hospital
- V-line effect : You can get a aesthetic satisfaction as well as V-line effect through a thorough surgery plan.
- Face volume : The surgery creates a 3D effect of the face bone, you can get a baby face effect with volume on the face.
- Minimize operation hour : Less bleeding, swelling and quick recovery through preliminary plan to minimize the operation hour.
- One-time operation hospital : We are performing facial contouring surgery which is in the cooperate system with plastic surgery and orthodontics department for analyzing exact cause to prevent from reoperation.

Features of Regen’s facial contouring
- 1:1 Appointed doctor management : 1:1 appointed doctor management from before to the after surgery.
- Curvy and harmonious face : Completion of beautiful face at any angle
- Special team for facial contouring : Continuous personalized after care service
- Reassuring care : Systematic care program through a regular check up after surgery