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Men’s plastic surgery to attract girl’s attention.
  • Men’s plastic surgery
  • Men’s tow-jaw surgery
  • Men’s rhinoplasty
  • Gynecomastia
  • Men’s double jaw surgery
  • Men’s rhinoplasty
  • Accessory breast
  • Idol plastic surgery
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Regen’s Special Features for Men’s Plastic Surgery
Regen is leading the right plastic surgery culture
Secure Surgery System in Regen
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Liven up the Men's charm! Men’s plastic surgery to attract girl’s attention. : We will make a cool and sharp looks through a thorough surgery plan considering men’s bones and muscles structure as well as thickness of skin which will help making the best result.

- Men’s double jaw surgery : Accomplishing likeable and masculine looks with sharp and sophisticated face line
- Men’s rhinoplasty : Accomplishing straight and sharp looking nose from the rhinoplasty to establish the pride of men
- Accessory breast : Operation which corrects the accessory breast complex to give you confidence of your breast
- Idol plastic surgery
- Before & After : Check out before and after photos in various angles of men's plastic surgery!
- Real story : Have a look at their honest review
- Unleash your inner beauty, Let me in with Regen

Regen’s Special Features for Men’s Plastic Surgery
Restores a real men’s charm! Women usually want dramatic changes but this is not the case with men. We understand that the most important thing when it comes to men’s plastic surgery is a natural look. We prepare a precise and thorough plan based on our high aesthetic standards; from checking the patient’s muscles and bone structure to the thickness of the skin before surgery in order to make sure that we can provide a more natural result.
Regen plastic surgery will give you a cool, sharp and likeable appearance through design and simulation to set the best plan to make distinct masculine features and a natural jaw line which is different with those for women.
1. Masculine and sharp face
2. Natural result
3. 1:1 special care from designated doctor.
4. Precise consultation and diagnosis from medical linkages by professional team.
Regen is leading the right plastic surgery culture
1. Consultation with designated doctor who will operate your surgery : Designated doctor will take care of you through out the process from consultation to follow up
2. Collaborated treatment system for double jaw surgery : Cooperate system with plastic surgery, oral and dental surgery and anesthesia department for two-jaw surgery.
3. Talk show for double jaw surgery. : We will provide you with the right information and clarify any misconceptions you might have about two-jaw surgery.
4. Medical check-up for safety : We provide a safe environment for surgery through a thorough medical check-up.

Secure Surgery System in Regen
1. Arrangement of 1:1 Designated Doctor for Each Patient : For each patient from consultation to surgery, the designated doctor will be arranged and be responsible for all surgery process by 1 to 1.
2. 365 days Residing Anesthetist : By performing designated anesthesia during the surgery, anesthetist checks the body condition in real time and responsible for patient safety untill recovery
3. Emergency Handling System : Handling the emergency situation systematically with monitoring device, heart cardioverter defibrillator, emergency card system, oxygen providing system, emergency cricotomy & thyrotomy device and etc.
4. safety system same as a university hospital : Our facility is equipped with its own UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) generators in case of a sudden blackout, providing stable power supply during procedures thus providing a patient-centered medical service.
5. 360º safety check up : We provide a safe environment for each patient's surgery by considering all the possibilities involved in the surgery through a thorough full body check up which consists of over 20 tests.
6. Sterilization system for the safe surgery : We have introduced an aseptic surgery room which can prevent 99.9% of germs from getting in by using an advanced UV rays sterilization system. This is especially effective for disinfecting operation shoes and medical gowns with the use of the asepsis air shower equipment.