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Men’s Rhinoplasty
Men’s Rhinoplasty Surgery for completing to a straight and sharp nose to improve men’s pride.
- Operation time : 1-2 hours in accordance with surgery method
- Anesthesia : Sleeping
- Hospitalization : Not required
- Stitch removal : 1-2 weeks after operation
- Initial recovery : 1 weeks after operation
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  • Men’s tow-jaw surgery
  • Men’s rhinoplasty
  • Gynecomastia
What is Men’s Rhinoplasty?
What is Men’s Rhinoplasty?
It make men’s nose into a naturally straight line which gives a trendy and charming appearance. As women are mostly interested in eyes, men also have a lot of interest in nose. Unlike women’s nose where the line goes into a half moon shape, men’s nose is completed through a natural straight line. Through the cooperated diagnosis from specialists of Regen, Anesthesia method, surgery method, height and shape of the nose, type of implant is decided. Regen presents a satisfying result through 1:1 personalized system from before to after the surgery.
Operation Method
- Low nose : Using implant for the bridge and self-cartilage for the tip of the nose will make the nose higher and natural. There are two methods; open method will make an incision on the external of nose, at the same time is possible to observe and operate. Another method is to making an incision on the inside so the scar can be rarely seen. The method will depend on the condition of the patient.
- Hooked nose : When the middle are of the nose bridge is protruded, removing the part between the bone and cartilage will make it into a smooth and trendy nose line. Implant is used to higher the nose as when the protruded area becomes lower after the removal.
- Long/Arrow nose : When a nose is long or points downward, correcting cartilage of nasal septum will balance the length of nose to the face. Pushing up the cartilage or cutting the cartilage of nasal septum and transferring to the nose bridge will correct the nose. The method will depend on the condition of patient and an implant may be used to higher the nose.
- Short/Snub nose : When the nose is short that it is upturned nose, changing the position of cartilage will lengthen the nose. When this method is not enough, cartilage of nasal septum will be put as a support between the tip of the nose cartilage and outer cartilage.
- Bulbous nose : When a nose is bulbous, cartilage at the tip of the nose will be pushed up or cut to correct it. Reduce the alar by cutting the part of cartilage and inserting cartilage of nasal septum will improve the shape. When there are a lot fat on a nose, removing it and using cartilage with implant can higher the nose and improve the shape.
- Deviated nose : When the cartilage of nasal septum is deviated, grinding the protruded area and placing cartilage on the extruded area will fix the problem or in a severe case, excising the deviated cartilage and bone will make the nose straight. The method depends on the patient’s condition of the nose and an implant maybe used if the nose is low.
Target patients
- Small and bulbous nose
- Upturned nose due to short nose
- Arrow shaped nose due to long nose
- Fierce impression due to hooked nose
- Bulbous or deviated nose
- For those who wants confidence
Men’s nose VS Women’s nose
Men’s nose
- Sharp and charming nose, naturally straight from the bridge to the tip of a nose
- Thick and wide nose bridge
- Angle between nose and lips 90°
Women’s nose
- Half-moon shape nose with a smooth natural line
- Slim and thin nose bridge
- Angle between nose and lips 90~100°
The advantage of Regen’s rhinoplasty
The advantage of Regen’s rhinoplasty
- 1:1 Appointed doctor management : 1:1 appointed doctor management from before to the after surgery
- Masculine nose line : Naturally straight nose starting from the forehead to the tip of a nose
- Nose specialist Medical team : Satisfying result considering esthetical and functional effects
- Fast recovery : Fast recovery period almost no bruise and swelling
Beautiful nose surgery at any angles
Beautiful nose surgery at any angles
To make natural nose harmonizing with your face features, the nasolabial angle which is a meeting point of nose and lips should be balanced with forehead and nose angle in a rhinoplasty. The ideal nasolabial angle for women is 90~100º.
The most important thing in a rhinoplasty is the angle between nose and lips/nose and forehead.
- If the nose and forehead angle is more than 130º : Forehead looks too flat or nose looks too low and overall face features look flat so your face looks wider.
- If the nose and forehead angle is less than 115º : Near eye area might look sunken or forehead looks protruded.
- If nasolabial angle is less than 90º : Nose looks long (called aquiline nose) which gives an aged look.
- If nasolabial angle is more than 110º : Generally we call upturned nose. Nose holes looks upward which gives you kind of countrified impression.
Before & After photo
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