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Post treatment/Precautions
Post treatment/Precautions - Regen provide 1:1 personalized post treatment program for patient’s fast recovery after nose surgery.
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Low nose
  • Hump nose
  • Droopy nose
  • Short nose/Upturned nose
  • Bulbous nose
  • Deviated nose
  • Revision rhinoplasty
  • Post treatment/Precaution
Personalized management process
Personalized management process

Before Surgery
- Choose the personalized implant considering over all facial balance.
- Pre-mock operation to find suitable nose shape.
- Personalized operation through 1:1 consultation.

Operation day
- Operation proceeds by rhinoplasty specialists.
- Residing anesthetist in charge for anesthesia.
- University hospital standard sterilization system for minimizing inflammation.
- Safety equipment and emergency system ready for countermeasure of emergency.

Follow-up and treatment
- Removing packing inside nose 1~2 days after the surgery.
- Removing stitches 7~14 days after the surgery.
- Regular check-up for minimizing problem.
- Continuous after care service from the doctor.

Scar and swelling treatment
- Massage to reduce swelling and correct nose shape (but need to have a consultation with doctor in charge).
- Apply an ice pack after the surgery to reduce a swelling.
- UV control to prevent pigmentation caused by bruise after the surgery.

The strengths of Regen’s rhinoplasty
The strengths of Regen’s rhinoplasty
- 1:1 special care from designated doctor. : Anesthetist staying 24 hours for monitoring in real time.
- nose surgery special management team : Continuous post-treatment service through personal customized program
- Doctor in charge of surgery checks directly : Doctor in charge of surgery checks in person after the surgery
- After care system : Continuous regular check up preventing from various problem after the surgery
- Medicine : Check any medications and illness before the surgery
- No alcohol : Stop drinking alcohol 2 weeks before and until 1 month after the surgery
- No smoking : No smoking 1 week before and until 3 months after the surgery
- Fast : No eating for 6 hours before the surgery
- Exercise : Light walking 2 weeks after the surgery (but careful until 1 month after the surgery
- Wear glasses : Wear glasses 1 month after the surgery

1. If you are under any medications such as (aspirin, antidiabetic, painkiller and etc.) or have illness such as (Allergy, asthma, anemia, etc.) please notify us during consultation.
2. Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking which cause slow recovery until at least 3 months after the surgery.
3. Remove all manicure on hand and feet as well as any metal accessories.
4. Avoid touching nose and wearing glasses for about 1 month.
- Regular check up : Regular check up is very important after the surgery.
- Result : You can see the best result 3~6 months after the surgery.
- problems : If you have any problem on the surgery area, call or visit us.

1. You need to keep your head higher than heart for 3~4days after the surgery to help the swellings to go down.
2. You need to come 1~2 days after the surgery to remove the packing inside the nose.
3. We remove stitches 1 week and inside nose stitches 2 weeks after the surgery.
4. You can blow your nose lightly 1 week and hard 1 month after the surgery.
5. The swelling and recovery take time differently depends on the patient’s condition and because of the swelling difference of left and right side, it looks asymmetry.
6. Since excessive exercise can be harmful, you can start doing it 2~3 weeks after the surgery.
7. If you have sudden swelling, pain, heat sensation, continuous bleeding or hurting your nose, please call us to have a consultation or come to our clinic.
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