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What is a deviated nose surgery?
Operation Method
Targets for surgery
Beautiful nose surgery at any angles
The advantage of Regen’s rhinoplasty
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Deviated nose : A deviated nose surgery considering anatomical structure as well as over all face features.

- Operation time : 1:30-2 hours
- Anesthesia : sleep anesthesia
- Hospitalization : Unnecessary
- Stitch removal : 5-7 days after operation
- Initial recovery : 1 week after operation

What is a deviated nose surgery?
Nose is on the center of the face so If is not straight, looks ugly cosmetically and it might block one side of nose to cause nose disease like a rhinitis.
Deviated nose surgery makes nose ideal shape considering anatomical structure as well as over all face features.
Plastic surgery professionals choose the operating method best suited to you considering functional side through cooperate system.
Regen promises a satisfying result through a 1:1 personalized system from the start to the end of the surgery.

Operation Method
This is a surgery which makes deviated nose straight, if patient’s nose bone or cartilage are not straight ,nose looks deviated as well. Trim the protruded nose bone and put a cartilage in the sunken area. If it is complicated case, we cut deviated cartilage and bone with a surgical knife and make it straight. Depends on the case, the surgery method will be different. If it is a low nose case, we put implant to make nose higher.
Nose mainly consists of upper nose bone, lower outside cartilage, nose wing cartilage and septum cartilage which support all those. If patient’s nose is severely deviated, all the components are deviated together and need a surgery making it straight to the middle of the face like we make the structure of deviated building straight. Mostly, nose bone is not straight, so we make the nose straight through a osteotomy and also have to fix the deviation of the nasal septum.
We can fix deviated nostril through cutting off some cartilage.
If deviation is not severe, we just put implant inside after trimming to make it fit and make it straight. If the nose is deviated too much, complicated surgery is needed which is nasal septum cartilage surgery and outer edge osteotomy which doctor cut outside of nose bone and also trim or relocate deviated outer cartilage to fix it preventing from re-surgery and make your nose straight.

Targets for surgery
1. Who has an unbalanced face because of deviated nose bridge or tip
2. Who has a difficulty of breathing and blocked nose
3. Who has a deviated or broken nose bone and septum cartilage because of injury or impact
4. Who has a not straight nose tip or deviated implant after the nose surgery

Beautiful nose surgery at any angles
To make natural nose harmonizing with your face features, the nasolabial angle which is a meeting point of nose and lips should be balanced with forehead and nose angle in a rhinoplasty. The ideal nasolabial angle for women is 90~100º.
The most important thing in a rhinoplasty is the angle between nose and lips/nose and forehead.
- If the nose and forehead angle is more than 130º : Forehead looks too flat or nose looks too low and overall face features look flat so your face looks wider.
- If the nose and forehead angle is less than 115º : Near eye area might look sunken or forehead looks protruded.
- If nasolabial angle is less than 90º : Nose looks long (called aquiline nose) which gives an aged look.
- If nasolabial angle is more than 110º : Generally we call upturned nose. Nose holes looks upward which gives you kind of countrified impression.

The advantage of Regen’s rhinoplasty
- 1:1 special care from designated doctor : 1:1 special care from the start to the end of surgery by designated doctor.
- Ideal side line : Completion of natural line from forehead to tip of nose
- Nose specialists : Satisfying result considering esthetical and functional effects
- Fast recovery : Fast recovery period almost no bruise and swelling