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Filer/Artecoll filer
Filer/Artecoll filer : Artecoll filer which maintains for a long time. Semi-permanent, simple and natural effect with in short time.
- Treatment time : 5-20 mins
- Anesthesia : Numb cream
- Hospitalization : Unnecessary
- Stitch removal : Unnecessary
- Follow up treatment : Unnecessary
- Initial recovery : Unnecessary
  • Petit cosmetic surgery
  • Filler/Artecoll filler
  • Fat graft
What is a Filer?
What is a Filer?
Filler is a treatment method in the way of filling up supplementary material in the wrinkle all over the face and also on your sunken skin. Simply injecting filler will give volume and make beautiful line in various areas such as low nose, forehead, love bands, sunken upper eyelids and under eyes, lips, front malar, nasolabial fold, cheeks and short chin. There is advantages of filer which is a simple injection procedures without having to touch a knife so those who don't have extra time or have resistance against the invasive operation prefer filer treatment. Regen only uses genuine filers which approved by FDA with suitable quantity. Also experienced doctor performs the treatment which gives patients natural and personalized result.
What is Artecoll filer?
What is Artecoll filer?
- Artecoll filer is a kind of semi permanent filer which complement the limitations of the existing filer which inject bio friendly material near the bone area. Artecoll filer is composed of collagen which carries PMMA and helps generate tissues, PMMA particle which creates semi permanent volume and local anesthetic material, Lidocaine. Once Artecoll filer set on the bone, PMMA particle stimulates near by tissues and generate collagen to give you volume and filer effect. It is a semi permanent filer which complements the existing filer’s limitation which is lasting for short period of time. Once it is injected, the effect lasts about more than 10 years.
- PMMA’s evolutionary process : Artecoll filer is a non absorbable filer not like hyaluronic acid which is absorbed in the skin after a certain period. It is composed of collagen which is a carrier, PMMA which acts like a cement and local anesthetic material, Lidocaine which reduces pain. While absorbable filer is just injecting filling material into the skin, Artecoll filer is injected right above the bone and fixed which gives little possibility of harming blood vessels and nerves and also easy to remove if the patient wants to remove it. Compare to 3rd generation Artecoll filer which has lots of impurities and the particle size is not even, 4th generation Artecoll filer barely has a possibility of side effect.
- Artecoll filer can be used only in a designated clinic. Regen is approved to use Artecoll filer by its headquarter and experienced doctor performs the treatment which gives patients natural and personalized result. The collagen inside Artecoll is absorbed within 3 weeks and it takes some time for fiber cells inside the body to create native collagen near PMMA. Because of these reasons, re-touch is needed within 2-3 weeks and it is best to get treatment twice to get a best result. It takes about 6 months for PMMA to create native collagen so you might feel little bit of discomfort.
Treatment target
Treatment target
- Sunken forehead
- Low nose
- Thin lips
- Nasolabial fold (Noble operation)
- Short chin
Treatment method
Treatment method
1. Consultation and check the skin condition
2. Topical anesthesia
3. Inject filer(or Artecoll filer)
4. Check the result after the treatment
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