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Two-jaw revision surgery
Two-jaw revision surgery - A revision surgery for improving unsatisfying result to complete to a natural facial line.
- Operation time : Different in accordance with surgery method
- Anesthesia : General
- Hospitalization : 2 days
- Stitch removal : 2 weeks after operation
- Initial recovery : 2 weeks after operation
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What is a Two-jaw revision surgery?
What is a Two-jaw revision surgery? Two-jaw revision surgery improves unsatisfying result and inconveniences caused from side effect. It is important that a surgeon with a lot experience carry out a precise consultation for completing a safe surgery as it is more complicated and difficult than the first operation. Regen presents a satisfying result through 1:1 personalized system from the start to the end of the surgery. Regen’s two-jaw revision surgery seeks to present the most harmonious result by diagnosing the facial ratio. Through a university hospital standard latest technology equipments, Regen’s Plastic surgery . Dental surgery . Orthodontics . Anesthesiology specialists carries out a precise analysis and diagnosis to complete a satisfying revision surgery.
Operation method

It is suitable to proceed a revision surgery after 6 months as the tissues on the operation area needs to be smoothened for a best result. The revision operation has more damage to tissue than the first operation and needs to be done cautiously for preventing 2nd or 3rd revision.
Unsatisfying result after operation : After a sufficient consultation about the current problem, as it is a revision surgery, it is important that a surgeon with a wide experience to carry out the operation.
Cause of functional, asymmetric lips, nerve or muscle damage after surgery : It is proceeded after precisely diagnosing current problem, then improving functional, aesthetic problem. As the jaw is changed due to the first two-jaw surgery, it is important that a surgeon with a wide experience carry out the surgery
Getting a different surgery from a wrong diagnosis : After a precise diagnosis to know the current situation, a suitable surgery method is chosen to proceed a safest operation.

Target patients
Target patients
1. Unsatisfying result despite the correct occlusion
2. Unsolved facial, functional problem
3. Causing asymmetric lips due to excessive occlusion
4. Causing asymmetric lips due to excessive occlusion
Why revision surgery is difficult
Why revision surgery is difficult
A two-jaw revision surgery has a lot of limitations due to the already changed bone structure, therefore it requires a high level of techniques.
1. limitations to already changed jaw bone : It is difficult to correct already changed jaw bone caused from the first operation.
2. limitation to jaw fixation : In the case of thin or lost jaw bone makes it difficult to find a space for the bone to fix.
3. Anatomical structure transformation : Due to the changed anatomical structure of facial bone, nerve, facial muscle tissue, it is difficult to proceed the operation.
Regen’s technique
Regen’s technique

Error range as thin as a paper : We decide the surgery and braces treatment plan after a precise 3DCT(Xray)scanning, thorough measurement and design for the relevant tracing.

Mounting(Pre mock-operation) : With SAM lll occluder, it can reenact the patient’s mouth. It catches the error range even down to 0.01mm which ables us to carry out a safe surgery.

Self-production work laboratory : Through teeth moulding and thorough check-up, 1:1 customized production proceeds which ables a immediate treatment and also error range correction during the surgery.

Two-jaw . Facial contouring conference : All of the specialists from Plastic surgery, Dental surgery, Orthodontics carry out a conference every week to diagnose patient’s condition before and after surgery to give a safe and satisfying result.

Features of Regen two-jaw surgery

For a 1:1 two-jaw anesthesia system and countermeasure any emergency situation, Regen presents a systematic medical service with an emergency team, medical science department, two-jaw medical team.

3DCT analysis : 3DCT to check the cause and thoroughly plan a surgery. Regen is equipped with various medical check equipment to diagnose facial ratio and location and considering how to make the most harmonious facial balance. 1:1 personalized two-jaw revision surgery is possible through a thoroughly planned surgery.
A satisfying revision surgery : Improving the problem through revision surgery, changing to gold facial ratio. Through 3DCT and x-ray, the facial structure can be analyzed and find a various cause. With an anatomical knowledge and broad and wide experience from Regen’s plastic surgeons, a balanced facial golden ratio can be completed.
Residing anesthetist and 1:1 two-jaw management system : Regen proceeds operations with minimizing the pain and maximizing safety. 1. Choose anesthesia method after a consultation with a patient
2. 1:1 personal anesthetist during operation
3. Intercostal anesthesia combining with epidural to minimize pain during operation
4. Use of anesthesia equipment which are used in university hospital
5. Optical fiber cable cannulation system
6. Carbon dioxide measuring system for checking anesthesia condition
7. Pressure sensor anesthesia equipment for checking the amount of pressure put to organs
Painless revision surgery system : Painless revision surgery system for minimizing pain after the surgery, it minimizes the burden of surgery. Specialists makes rounds to check patients condition to reduce pain and any inconveniences.
Operate recovery room after operation : Regen’s recovery room takes responsible from the preparation of the surgery to recovery. Regen checks patient’s condition after operation until calm and help to fully recover as well as safety.

DIBA Analysis

After a long research effort from Regen’s plastic surgery, Dental surgery and Orthodontics, DIBA can not only analyse each patient’s bone but also muscle and skin which ables to consider individuals condition. Also, it is a know-how of Regen to present a sharp jaw line and a balanced face.

Regen considers each individual patient’s bone . Muscle . Skin condition and balance for more delicate two-jaw surgery

Features of the DIBA analysis : DIBA analysis allows to predict the occlusion figure to form a near perfect balanced facial line from 360’ any angle. It improves functional problems such as occlusion, temporomandibular disorder, etc and gives an aesthetic result.

Synergy effect of Regen’s DIBA analysis method : Regen’s Plastic surgery . Dental surgery . Orthodontics . Anesthesiology specialists carries out a two-jaw . orthodontics conference every week for a safe and near perfect surgery result and continuously discussing about DIBA analysis method. Regen’s goal is to accomplish the most harmonious facial line considering every patient’s facial ratio through a precise diagnosis.

3 Dimensional 3DCT(X-ray) accurate measuring

The choice for patient’s safe surgery! Reduce the error down to 0.01mm through an accurate measuring.Through 3 dimensional 3DCT(X-ray) scanning, bone thickness and area, location of nerves and blood vessels are precisely measured to grasp patient’s current condition and problem. Surgery result can be predicted through pre-mock operation based on the data. You can get a satisfying result by minimizing the error range during a surgery.

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