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Post treatment/Precautions
Post treatment/Precautions
Regen provide 1:1 personalized post treatment program for patient’s fast recovery after two-jaw surgery.
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Personalized management process

Before Surgery : - Proceed pre-mock operation to solve functional and facial contouring problems. - Operation planning through two-jaw conference. - Proceed a safe surgery after a thorough medical check up. - Personalized operation through 1:1 consultation. - Check if a maintenance and a wafer fits well.
Operation day : - Operation proceeds by two-jaw specialists. - Proceed cooperate operation with specialists from plastic surgery, dental surgery, orthodontics. - Residing anesthetist in charge for anesthesia. - University hospital standard sterilization system for minimizing inflammation. - Safety equipment and emergency system ready for countermeasure of emergency.
Follow-up and treatment : - Regular check-up for minimizing problem. - Continuous after care service from the doctor. - Wear a special band to prevent sagging skin. - Wear wafer for fixation after surgery through self-tie
Scar and swelling treatment : - Remove dead skin cell and facial massage treatment, - Ultrasonic wave treatment to vitalize skin cell, - Remove bodily waste through stimulating lymphatic vessel and help blood circulation. - High frequency treatment to activate lymph circulation, ease inflammation, enhance elasticity

Regen’s personalized treatment system

- Dead skin cell removal treatment : Improve your skin through clear skin, removing dead skin cell after surgery.
- Lymph treatment : Regular check-up for minimizing problem, Continuous after care service from the doctor, Wear a special band to prevent sagging skin, Wear wafer for fixation after surgery through self-tie
- High-frequency treatment : Regenerate collagen through high-frequency on a dermis, helping skin elasticity.
- Heal laser treatment : It helps relieve pain and inflammation as well as recovery of damaged tissue.

Strengths of Regen management program

- 1:1 Appointed doctor management : 1:1 appointed doctor management from before to the after surgery
- Dimensional and harmonious face : A complete of beautiful face from any angle
- Two-jaw surgery special management team : Continuous post-treatment service through personal customized program
- Safe cared management : Systematic care program through a regular check-up after surgery


1. If you are under any medications such as (aspirin, antidiabetic, painkiller and etc.) or have illness such as (Allergy, asthma, anemia, etc.) please notify us during consultation.
2. Please take liquid food for one week after the surgery and soft food from the second week. Tough and hard food can be taken from 3 months after the surgery.
3. When experiencing dry lips, apply chapstick or put a wet cloth over it.
4. Prepare a comfortable clothes (loose shirt, hoody) to avoid irritating surgery area.
5. Remove all manicure on hand and feet as well as any metal accessories.


1. Keeping head higher than the head for 3~4 days after surgery will help subside swelling.
2. Exercising mouth 2 weeks after the surgery will help naturalize facial muscles.
3. Patient must take prescription regularly for 3 times a day for 7 days which consists of antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, painkiller, digestive medicine.
4. Patient may look asymmetric due to the swelling difference between the left and right and every patients have difference recovery speed.
5. Patient will have to wear a wafer for 3-4 weeks for fixation of the jaw using self-tie (dental band).
6. Cold pack for 4 days will minimize swelling and warm pack from the 4th day of the surgery will relieve swelling as it helps blood circulation.
7. If the surgery area swells rapidly or doesn’t stop bleeding or have a severe bruise, please contact us or call for a consultation.

Self-tie guidance

Patient will wear a wafer for 3~4 weeks for the muscle around the new location of the jaw to recognize.
1. Wearing wafer : Remove during a meal, brushing teeth, look at the mirror and wear the band using a plastic hook. Wash the band every time and change to new one every 24 hours.
2. Removing wafer : Use the plastic hook provided by the hospital to remove the band. Use a tooth brush to gently clean with a cold water.
3. Storing wafer : Must keep it in the plastic case provided by the hospital and careful not to damage or lose.

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