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Two-jaw surgery
Two-jaw surgery - A surgery for improving Functional . Aesthetic improvement through correcting upper and lower jaw
- Operation time : 2-3 hours in accordance with surgery method
- Anesthesia : General
- Hospitalization : 3 days
- Stitch removal : 2 weeks after operation
- Initial recovery : 2 weeks after operation
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  • Two-jaw
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What is a Two jaw surgery?
It is called a two jaw surgery because it operates upper and lower jaw together. It corrects the abnormal facial line and dysfunctions caused from the misgrowth of jaw. Two-jaw surgery makes an ideal face functionally and aesthetically through correcting a jaw considering the overall ratio of face. It is safely carried out through a full medical check-up, diagnosis and cooperate system of plastic surgery, dental surgery, orthodontist. Every week, we carry out a two jaw surgery · facial contouring conference to reduce error range through pre mock operation and choose operation method and anesthesia method. Regen presents a satisfying result through 1:1 personalized system from the start to the end of the surgery.
Operation Method

Two-jaw surgery
Method : Adjust protruded upper and lower jaw without extracting a tooth. It even improves the protruded gum as pushing in the protruded mouth and adjusting the upper jaw’s length.
Feature : After checking the location of nerves and bone thickness through 3D CT, surgery is processed through cutting the space between a jaw and temporomandibular joint and replacing it in the correct place, then its fixed after refining the bone. Two-jaw + Facial contouring
Method : It is a surgery accomplishing a smaller face through adding a facial contouring if a two-jaw surgery is not enough. Feature : After checking the location of nerves and bone thickness through 3D CT, surgery is processed through cutting the space between a jaw and temporomandibular joint and replacing it in the correct place. To maximize the front view effect, the bone is desquamated wide and thick from the centre. For the side view effect, lower jaw is cut appropriately and smoothened and fixed back.

Target patients
Target patients
1. Long face
2. Asymmetric face
3. Protruded lower jaw
4. Protruded mouth
5. Over exposure of gum when smiling
6. Unable to improve protruded mouth after braces
No braces VS braces after surgery VS braces before surgery
No braces VS braces after surgery VS braces before surgery
No braces : Requires at least 1 month. It is a method for improving a problem through two-jaw surgery without need of any braces, for those with straight teeth and balanced face but with protruded jaw. It is a method that many people prefer as braces is not needed and shows a result in a short time.
braces after surgery : Requires at least 10 months. It is a method for carrying out a surgery first and then straightening when the teeth are not so irregular. The total treatment period is reduced to 10 months as braces is not required before the surgery, therefore surgery could be taken place at any time without worsening lantern jaw.
braces before surgery : Requires at least 2 years. Two-jaw surgery is carried out after correcting a severe teeth irregularity. The average period for pre braces is 1 year and 6 months and a two jaw surgery takes place, then another 6 months for a post braces.
Self-tie only in Regen
Self-tie only in Regen Self-tie two-jaw surgery reduces the inconveniences of tying upper and low jaw but maintaining safety at the same time and also reducing the correcting period. A dental special band is used to fix only to places that the movement of jaw is natural and convenient.

Quick recovery : It is possible to talk and chew as it uses special dental band instead of fixed band which took 4 weeks.
Clear result : Safe result is expected through a stable orthodontic fixation without any changes to the result
Reduce correcting period : If a complete fix is required for 4 weeks, it takes a long period as it starts after a surgery but, regen’s self-tie two-jaw surgery reduces the braces period as we start the braces when there are a lot of movement on the teeth.

Non-fixed Two-jaw surgery : Some patients, Doesn’t tie between jaws, Inconvenient and tiring as you need to have wafers without fixing, Easy to breathe, Can use jaw freely and don’t need to check the wafers, able to open the mouth and eat.
Self-tie Two-jaw surgery : Any patients, Oneself can tie the elastic special dental band yourself, Self-tie gives you a natural movement and swells only a little that the recovery is fast. Communication and eating is possible after a surgery, Easy to breathe, Satisfying two-jaw surgery with the advantage of complete fix and non fix.
Complete fix two-jaw surgery : Any patients, Wire or a strong band is used to tie between jaws, Inconvenient communicating, eating, cannot move the jaw due to 4 weeks of fixed jaw, Difficult to breathe, A jaw is stuck in a correct place and prevents relapse. Complete fix of Stability

Operation process

Operation process
1. Complete medical examination : Precise 3D CT(Xray) Scan, Grasp a problem and diagnose
2. Dental mould production and measuring : A thorough diagnosis and moulding for a precise measuring
3. Conference : Thoroughly planned cooperation system with Plastic surgery . Dental surgery . Orthodontics specialist
4. Pre mock-operation : Pre mock-operation is carried out exactly the same as a real operation after precisely deciding the scope of operation
5. Wafer production : Produce Wafer, braces that holds the jaw in place for before and after a surgery
6. Maintenance and Wafer check : Check if a maintenance and a wafer fits well through pre mock-operation
7. Operation : A precise operation proceeds through a cooperate system with Plastic surgery . Dental surgery and Orthodontics specialists
8. 1:1 Personal Care Service : A swelling treatment program to fasten the recovery process through massage, high frequency treatment and etc.

Strength of Regen’s two-jaw surgery
- 1:1 Appointed doctor management : 1:1 appointed doctor management from before to the after surgery
- Precise diagnosis in each sector : Plastic surgery, Dental surgery, orthodontics specialists cooperate system
- Dimensional and harmonious face : A complete of beautiful face from any angle
- Two-jaw surgery special management team : Continuous post-treatment service through personal customized program
Regen’s technique
Regen’s technique

Error range as thin as a paper : We decide the surgery and braces treatment plan after a precise 3DCT(Xray)scanning, thorough measurement and design for the relevant tracing.

Mounting(Pre mock-operation) : With SAM lll occluder, it can reenact the patient’s mouth. It catches the error range even down to 0.01mm which ables us to carry out a safe surgery.

Self-production work laboratory : Through teeth moulding and thorough check-up, 1:1 customized production proceeds which ables a immediate treatment and also error range correction during the surgery.

Two-jaw . Facial contouring conference : All of the specialists from Plastic surgery, Dental surgery, Orthodontics carry out a conference every week to diagnose patient’s condition before and after surgery to give a safe and satisfying result.

DIBA Analysis

After a long research effort from Regen’s plastic surgery, Dental surgery and Orthodontics, DIBA can not only analyse each patient’s bone but also muscle and skin which ables to consider individuals condition. Also, it is a know-how of Regen to present a sharp jaw line and a balanced face.

Regen considers each individual patient’s bone . Muscle . Skin condition and balance for more delicate two-jaw surgery

Features of the DIBA analysis : DIBA analysis allows to predict the occlusion figure to form a near perfect balanced facial line from 360’ any angle. It improves functional problems such as occlusion, temporomandibular disorder, etc and gives an aesthetic result.

Synergy effect of Regen’s DIBA analysis method : Regen’s Plastic surgery . Dental surgery . Orthodontics . Anesthesiology specialists carries out a two-jaw . orthodontics conference every week for a safe and near perfect surgery result and continuously discussing about DIBA analysis method. Regen’s goal is to accomplish the most harmonious facial line considering every patient’s facial ratio through a precise diagnosis.

3 Dimensional 3DCT(X-ray) accurate measuring

The choice for patient’s safe surgery! Reduce the error down to 0.01mm through an accurate measuring.Through 3 dimensional 3DCT(X-ray) scanning, bone thickness and area, location of nerves and blood vessels are precisely measured to grasp patient’s current condition and problem. Surgery result can be predicted through pre-mock operation based on the data. You can get a satisfying result by minimizing the error range during a surgery.

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