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Two-jaw lifting
Two-jaw lifting - A procedure for lifting saggy cheek caused after two-jaw surgery.
- Operation time : 2-3 hours in accordance with surgery method
- Anesthesia : Sleep
- Hospitalization : Not required
- Stitch removal : Not required
회복과정 Initial recovery 1-2 weeks after operation
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  • Two-jaw
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What is a Two jaw lifting?
What is a Two jaw lifting?
Two-jaw lifting is a lifting procedure for skin elasticity and defining v-line after a two-jaw surgery. Two-jaw surgery specialists choose surgery method, anesthesia method after a precise diagnosis and analysis. Regen presents a satisfying result through 1:1 personalized system from the start to the end of the surgery.
Operation method
Operation method
Accusculpt laser allows to dissolve facial fat tissue and a cannula is injected to suck them out. Removing tiny fats which affects the facial definition completes a slim v-line and improves wrinkles. It also induces collagen which gives a tightening effect for gaining young and beautiful facial line.
Target patients
Target patients
1. For saggy skin after two-jaw surgery
2. For double chin and saggy skin under the chin
3. For improving saggy cheek after two-jaw surgery
4. Not being able to have a good result after two-jaw surgery due to having a lot of fat
Strengths of Regen’s two-jaw surgery
Strengths of Regen’s two-jaw surgery
- 1:1 Appointed doctor management : 1:1 appointed doctor management from before to the after surgery
- Precise diagnosis in each sector : Plastic surgery, Dental surgery, orthodontics specialists cooperate system
- Dimensional and harmonious face : A complete of beautiful face from any angle
- Two-jaw surgery special management team : Continuous post-treatment service through personal customized program
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